In an effort to celebrate a major milestone and build lifelong fans and customers, Pladis wanted to leverage off some of the best digital channels and social media to reach their target audience and that’s where we came in. Our sole aim was to build passion around the brand, significantly increase McVitie’s social media presence.

What we did

DM2 developed relevant, engaging marketing campaigns throughout the year that drove brand awareness, grew the fan base and increased product sales. Adopting a totally new design direction, the agency created a content strategy calendar comprising brand facts , recipes,how-tos and more ,which was extensively chronicled via social media channels and eagerly devoured by new and existing customers.


By leveraging on one of the largest growing industries in the creative economy, fashion, we asked the audience to share pictures of themselves styled in Hobnobs Colours. This 3-week campaign had over 300 entries and served a total of 8,258,672 Impressions. The McVitie’s instagram page grew by 6000 followers while facebook had a total of 23,000 new followers.

12 DaysofChristmas

To reward loyal fans and customers, McVitie’s launched a 12
day giveaway campaign across all social media platforms .The audience was tasked to correctly answer questions that relate to the brand for a chance to win cash rewards and other amazing prizes.Ads were run to further increase awareness about this campaign. The result? over 5000 new followers on instagram, 30,000 on facebook and 3000 on twitter. This campaign served a total of 6,410,597 impressions and had over 40 fans smiling to the bank.

125th Anniversary

In celebration of McVitie’s 125th anniversary, we created a content strategy calendar comprising brand facts , recipes,how-tos, brand challenges and giveaways, which celebrated 125 years of Mcvities biscuits.

Hashtag Campaign

We created the successful meme driven Hashtag campaigns, Hold belle, McVitie’s fingers challenge , for the love of shortbread and when i am 125.

Daily Content Creation

We designed, posted and curated the Mcvities Instagram and Facebook pages daily. Our designs and posts increased page engagement by over 500% and grew social presence from 1000 followers to 25,000 new active followers and customers in less than six months. We closed the year at 196,000 Facebook followers and 15,000 new twitter followers.